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Watts Elected Circuit Court Judge
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The only candidate with:
Judicial Experience:
• Has served as Judge in Fox Point Municipal Court
• Has presided as Judge in Glendale Municipal Court
Broad Legal Experience and Practice:
• Former Milwaukee County Assistant District Attorney
• Attorney for 31 years
• Skilled in children's law, juvenile law, family law, criminal law, civil law, and
   business law
Business Experience:
• Board President, George Watts & Son, Inc.
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February 18, 2011
Murky Gun Law: Editorial
From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
A Milwaukee County judge's ruling that the state's concealed-carry law is unconstitutional in a specific case invites the state Legislature to jump in with some clarity. And that, in turn, presents an opportunity for Wisconsin to rethink its ban on concealed carry and other gun laws. Wisconsin should approve concealed carry but as a trade-off for other changes in gun law. The case at issue involved a Sheboygan County man who was carrying an unloaded pistol in a closed plastic case under the driver's seat, with a five-round magazine within reach. Jeremy Pinnow was searching for his car, stolen earlier in an armed robbery, when police asked him if he was carrying any weapons. He replied that he had a gun. Circuit Judge J.D. Watts said the state's ban on concealed weapons was unconstitutional as the law applied to Pinnow. We believe there is enough contradiction in the law to warrant legislative scrutiny.

February 13, 2011
Judge Rules Application of Concealed-Carry Law Unconstitutional
From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
In the ongoing evolution of Wisconsin gun law, a Milwaukee County judge has ruled the state's ban on concealed weapons unconstitutional as applied to a man who had an unloaded, encased gun under his car seat three days after he had been robbed at gunpoint in the same area of the city. In an eight-page decision and order, Circuit Judge J.D. Watts agreed that for Jeremy Pinnow to exercise his right to bear arms for security and self-defense, he had few other choices. Watts' ruling comes as gun rights advocates expect the new Republican-controlled Legislature to allow concealed carry in Wisconsin, one of two states, along with Illinois, that ban it entirely. At least one Wisconsin prosecutor last year declared he would not enforce the current concealed carry ban in light of a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that overturned Chicago's handgun ban.

April 8, 2009
Watts Defeats Gabler
From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
In a closely watched Milwaukee County judicial race, J.D. Watts on Tuesday... defeated Daniel Gabler, a prosecutor whose aggressive campaign ads and fliers cost him early supporters and prompted a formal complaint after the primary... In addition to his general law practice, Watts, 57, has been the municipal judge in Fox Point since 2007... He also is chairman of the board of George Watts & Son, the downtown china shop started by his grandfather.

April 2, 2009
Support J.D. Watts for Circuit Court Judge Branch
From the Shepherd Express
Watts, currently an attorney in private practice and a part-time municipal court judge in Fox Point, has a better understanding of the myriad challenges facing those who would appear in his courtroom. Watts has worked in the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office and has business experience, and he’s shown special attention to the needs of families and children who require legal services.

April 2, 2009
Taking Liberties: A Criminal Walks Free
From the Shepherd Express
Assistant District Attorney Daniel Gabler is running a throw-back, racially tinged campaign for Milwaukee Circuit judge, attacking judges and defense attorneys for allowing dark, shadowy criminals to walk free... Several judges and lawyers have withdrawn endorsements of Gabler because of his outdated scare campaign.

Mar. 26, 2009
Watts for Judge
From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
J.D. Watts is the better candidate in the April 7 election to fill a judgeship on Branch 15 of the Milwaukee County Circuit Court. It's not a close call. This has to do with the respective résumés but also on how one of the candidates, Daniel Gabler, has conducted his campaign. A judge's robes denote good judgment. We've not seen it in Gabler's campaign.

Mar. 25, 2009
Judge Watts Endorsed By Milwaukee Deputy Sheriffs' Association

Mar. 23, 2009
Judge Watts Endorsed By Milwaukee Professional Fire Fighters Association

Mar. 22, 2009
Gabler, Watts trade shots in Milwaukee County circuit judge race
From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Watts said he is proud to match his record against Gabler's. "I was second chair in a 1979 case involving the shooting of an on-duty police officer, even though I was new to the office," Watts said. "With less than two years on the job, I handled a first-degree murder case on my own."

Mar. 22, 2009
Playing Defense
From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Judicial candidate Daniel Gabler seems to have a problem with criminal defense lawyers, and he hopes you do, too. But here's something you won't find on Gabler's campaign material: He's also represented a couple of people accused of criminal conduct in the past.

Mar. 20, 2009
Judge Watts Endorsed By Milwaukee Police Association

Mar. 11, 2009
Why am I Endorsing J.D. Watts?
From New Berlin Now
Why am I endorsing JD Watts? Because only one candidate in the judicial election for Branch 15 has demonstrated himself to be a capable, intelligent, and vigorous professional in the court system. That man is JD Watts, and he will be an excellent addition to the bench.

Mar. 11, 2009
Jerk of the Week: Circuit Court Judge Candidate Daniel Gabler
From Express Milwaukee

Mar. 9, 2009
Scaring up votes won't serve justice
From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Mar. 2, 2009
Gabler's absence let a charge be dropped
From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


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